Africa - Albany

Buffet Menu

Create a meal to suit your requirements, taste and budget from the options below or ask us to price something else. Buffets are presented in the private Serengeti Room, with carving/service by Africa staff.

Each price is a price per person for that item. Make your choices and add the prices, the total being the price per person for that meal combination. We will usually round down the resulting total price per person or otherwise add extra value to provide a cost effective package.

Bread, Dips, Paté, Terrine - Platters $7.50  
Pea and Ham soup $5.00  
Pumpkin Soup $4.00  
Seafood Chowder $7.00  
Burger Patty - Beef $5.00  
Cajun Chicken Drumsticks $5.50  
Chicken Nibbles $4.00  
Lamb- Butterflied, boneless leg $9.00  
Pork Sausages $5.00  
Pork and Vegetable Kebabs $6.00  
Scotch Fillet Steak - 180g $16.00  
Sirloin Steak - 150g $14.00  
Whole Sirloin $11.50  
Chicken Chorizo Pasta $11.00  
Beef or Vegetable Lasagne $9.00  
Macaroni Cheese $8.00  
Minted New Potatoes $2.50  
Mashed Potatoes $2.00  
Chips $2.00  
Potato Bake $2.50  
Potato Salad $2.50  
Roast Meats    
Honey-glazed Ham $9.00  
Roast Leg of Lamb $9.50  
Roast Chicken $9.00  
Roast Turkey $11.00  
Garlic Boule Slices $2.00  
Soft White Rolls $1.50  
Round (Burger) Rolls $2.00  
Warm Dinner Rolls $2.00  
Butter Portions $0.80  
Salads and Vegetables    
Broccoli - Steamed $2.50  
Broccoli and Cauliflower Au Gratin $4.00  
Cauliflower - Steamed $2.00  
Honey Carrots $2.00  
Kumara $2.50  
Mixed Carrots, Cauliflower and Broccoli $3.50  
Tossed Salad $2.50  
Tomato, Basil and Feta Salad $3.00  
Pasta and Capsicum Salad $3.00  
Pumpkin $2.00  
Pumpkin and Kumara Mash $3.00  
Rice - Steamed $2.00  
Buffet Burger    
All Inclusive $24.00  
Hot Mains    
Devilled Sausages $9.50  
Creamy Chicken Curry $10.00  
Seafood Mornay $11.00  
Apple Sauce $1.00  
BBQ Sauce $1.00  
Brown Onion Gravy $1.00  
Cranberry Sauce $1.50  
Mint Sauce $1.00  
Mushroom Sauce $3.00  
Pepper Sauce $3.00  
Tomato Sauce $0.50  
Apple Crumble $4.50  
Chocolate Mud Cake $5.00  
Christmas Pudding $4.50  
Fresh Fruit Salad $4.50  
Lemon Cheesecake $6.00  
Pavlova (Dressed with Cream and Fruit) $4.50  
Sherry Trifle $5.00  
Dessert Accompaniments    
Brandy Butter $2.00  
Custard $1.00  
Ice Cream $1.50  
Coffee $2.00  

Prices are Per Person.

Pick 'n Mix buffet options only available by prior arrangement.
Minimum group size: 20.
Minimum buffet price of $15 per person applies.
Portion sizes are based on combinations of 2-3 meat dishes.
50% food deposit payable in advance.


Download a copy of our buffet menu here »