Africa - Albany

Our Menu

Last Orders: 9pm (Sun-Thurs) and 10pm (Fri-Sat)


With choice of dipping sauce - $6

Kumara Fries
Served with sour cream and sweet Thai chilli sauce or Africa garlic aioli - $12

A large portion with sour cream - $11
With cheese and bacon - $14

Garlic Bread
Toasted sour dough with Africa garlic butter - $8

Calamari Chips
Crumbed and flash-fried, served with lemon and Africa tartare sauce - $12

Asian Dippers
Spring rolls, samosas and money bags, served with sweet Thai chilli sauce - $11

Riblets Sampler
300g of half ribs, with tangy Africa BBQ sauce - $13

Seafood Chowder
Thick, creamy and tasty chowder, packed with seafood and white wine - $12

Cajun Wings
½ doz wing pieces in mild Cajun crumbs with sweet chilli sauce - $11

Breads and Dips (Serves 4)
Basil pesto, salsa, olive oil and balsamic vinegar with ciabatta, pita and garlic bread - $16

Drinks Platter
Mixed Savouries - Spring rolls, samosas, chicken nuggets, fish bites, corn nuggets and calamari chips with wedges & sauces - $24
Seafood - Fish bites, crab sticks, crumbed mussels & calamari chips with tartare sauce, wedges, lemon and tomato sauce - $28

Sandwiches (Available until 5pm)

Boerewors Roll
Specialty boerewors topped with cheese & African chutney, with chips & salad garnish - $14

Panini BLT
Bacon/lettuce/tomato Panini with mango chutney, toasted, with chips & salad garnish - $17

Triple Decker
Toasted club sandwich of chicken, bacon, salad & cheese, with chips & salad garnish - $17

Toasted Sandwich
Choose up to 3 of ham, cheese, pineapple, onion, tomato, with chips & salad garnish - $11

Children's Combos

Under 12's – Meals are served in a basket with fries. Combos include small soft drink/fruit juice & ice cream with choc or strawberry sauce.


American Hotdog

Fish Bites

Chicken Nuggets


Chicken & Brie
Smoked chicken on salad, with brie, tomato & cucumber with mango chutney & crispy noodles - $18

Spicy Chicken
Chicken cooked in tangy sauce, served on salad with cashews in a puffed tortilla basket - $19

Nut Salad
Vegetarian, low-carb, vegan and Gluten-Free. Tossed garden salad with nuts & low fat dressing - $12

Pub Meals

Fish & Chips
Crumbed tarakihi fillets with chips, salad, lemon and Africa tartare sauce - $20

Chicken Breast
Stuffed with basil pesto, wrapped with bacon, served with salad, chips and choice of sauce* - $22

Ham and cheese omelette with salad and French Fries - $17

Gammon Steak
300g topped with pineapple rings, with wholegrain mustard, served with chips & salad - $22

Bangers & Mash
Gourmet Cumberland pork sausages with rustic mashed potatoes and onion gravy - $19

Chicken Schnitzel
Crumbed breast schnitzel with salad, chips and choice of sauce* or lemon - $20

Beef Nachos
Large portion on corn chips, with cheese, spring onions, jalapenos, salsa & sour cream - $19

Beef & Guinness Potato Top
Rich, tasty, beef and Guinness stew served in a chowder Boulé topped with buttered mash and served with vegetables - $22

Country Breakfast
Bacon, sausage, eggs, fried bread, grilled tomato, onion rings and fries - $19

Fettuccine Carbonara
Fettuccine tossed with creamy bacon, wine and mushroom sauce, topped with parmesan - $20

Burgers - Beef or Chicken

On toasted ciabatta, with salad, onion rings & fries, served on a board.
Beef patties are 180g, home-made from 100% NZ low-fat prime steer mince.
Cooked Medium unless requested otherwise.

Africa Burger
Bacon, cheese, egg & beetroot - $19

Sauce Burger
Choice of homemade Africa sauce* - $17

Fish Burger
Crumbed Tarakihi with Africa tartare sauce - $17

Hunga Busta
Add double meat and toppings to any of above - +$6

Gorilla Burger
Double patty, layered with cheese, bacon,pineapple, egg, lettuce and beetroot. Mushroom sauce and pepper sauce on the side - $27


All steaks are 30-day, dry-aged NZ Hereford, served on a board with chips, salad, onion rings and choice of sauce*

Scotch Fillet
300g - $32

200g - $24

400g - $31

Tomahawk Ribeye
300g - $30

Africa Favourites

BBQ Pork Ribs
½ rack of pork ribs (550g), marinated and basted with tangy BBQ sauce, served on a board with chips, salad and onion rings - $28

Pork Riblets
600g of half ribs, marinated and basted with tangy BBQ sauce, served on a board with chips, salad and onion rings - $29

BBQ Chicken
Half a chicken grilled and basted with tangy BBQ sauce, served on a board with chips, salad and onion rings - $26

Lamb Shanks
A pair of shanks, cooked to tender perfection, served on butter mashed potatoes with steamed vegetables & lightly minted gravy - $29


All combos served on a board with chips, salad and onion rings.

Ribs 'n Steak
200g sirloin with choice of sauce* and small rack of pork ribs - $33

Steak 'n Chicken
200g sirloin with choice of sauce* and ¼ BBQ chicken - $32

Mixed Grill
200g sirloin with choice of sauce*, Cumberland pork sausage, bacon and eggs - $34

Surf 'n Turf
200g sirloin with choice of sauce* and crumbed tarakihi fillet dressed with shrimps - $32

Ribs 'n Chicken
Small rack of pork ribs and ¼ chicken, both smothered with tangy BBQ sauce - $29

Schnitzel 'n Ribs
Small rack of BBQ pork ribs and crumbed chicken breast schnitzel with lemon - $29


Chocolate Sponge Brownie
Warm chocolate sponge brownie drizzled with home-made choc sauce, with ice cream - $11

Apple Crumble
Served in a ramekin, with home-made caramel sauce and ice cream on the side - $11

Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce
Vanilla ice cream served in a boat with hot chocolate sauce - $9

Dom Pedro
Thick, cold, smooth dessert drink made with your favourite liqueur and ice cream - $10 / $11

Special Coffee
Coffee and your choice of liqueur topped with whipped cream - $11 / $12

*Sauce Options

All made from fresh NZ produce in our kitchen.

Creamy Mushroom, Cheddar Mushroom, Pepper (creamy),Mexican Salsa, Tangy BBQ (spicy), Garlic Butter, Gravy.


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